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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I wore... Totally thrifted edition #3!

Its finally starting to cool down. Now I get to pull out my fall and winter clothes. Hello warm sweaters, tall boots, cozy socks, and pretty coats. So nice to see you all again!

My expression says, "Hi neighbor, why yes, I am a total weirdo getting my picture taken on my front porch and how are you?"

All items were purchased at the thrift store. Top F21 $1, coat American Rag $6, jeans Lucky Brand $2, belt Banana $1, wedges Kenzie $2, necklace $3, mustard purse (LOVE!) Nine West $2. Outfit total $17, woot, woot!

Little antique keys and locks!

Love these shoes!
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Karen said...

Such a great outfit! I need to find better thrift shops. The ones around my town don't have anything like that!

Susan said...

I love your outfit! Actually I love all your outfits you post!! I agree, we don't have thrift shops with clothes like that for those prices around here!

DaenelT said...

Those shoes are beyond cute! Absolutely love them.

Amanda said...

LOVES! So cute and awesome everything is thrifted! Wow! :) Come swing by my neck of the woods sometime.

Linda Z said...

I love thrifting, too. You did an amazing job on this outfit!! :) Love the mustard purse.

Jessie Saxton said...

Very cute outfit:) I saw the wreath in the background and had to stalk your blog a little to find out if you had a tutorial:p Awesome job:)

Debra said...

No one is more beautiful than you!

Love Mom

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Love thrifting! Especially love those shoes and mustard colored purse.

Anonymous said...

WHAAAAT?! No way! Why do I always look like a homeless person when I wear thrifted clothes? I can't believe you look that good for $17!!! So impressed! You look fab. Now I feel frumpy AND like a sucker for always paying retail.

Babes and Sages said...

I wish we had thrift stores around here that actually carry some nice brand name stuff :(
Great outfit, I especially like the Jeans and what a steal!