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Monday, October 24, 2011

What I wore... yeah, Im the thrifting queen! #5!

Top Gap $2, jeans (not thrifted) Blank $40, boots Steve Madden (gift from my Man), belt Anthro sale $10, purse Nine West $2, cashmere leg warmers made by me (tutorial here: DIY cashmere leg warmers ) $2.

Outfit Total: $56..... darn you jeans!

Top F21 $4, jeans Bullhead $3 (I dyed them myself with Rit in the color Scarlet), boots same as above in brown (also a gift), purse same as above $2.

Outfit Total: $9.... yup, that's how I roll!

My favorite of the week for sure! Top Gap $1 (silk!), sweater Target brand $4, jeans Lucky $3, belt $2, shoes Dr Scholls $2, purse (Lovie, Love, Love) Fossil $2.

Outfit Total: $14!!! Boo Ya!

 And the grand finale! Drum roll please........ Dress $2, shoes Aldo  $2.

Outfit Total: $4! Not kidding! Fo reals! Am I not the thrifting queen? 
Sorry, did I toot my own horn to much for you all?

Do you like these lovelies?

Well, I am giving them away here: Chi Chi Collections Giveaway! 

Have a blessed week folks!

Momma Go Round

dressed on a dime

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Anonymous said...

Agree- you are the thrfiting queen! I love that first outfit. It's GREAT. That silk top is really cute too :)

I Sew Lucky said...

Love, love, love the red with those boots!! My fav!

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

Love your outfits---I'm a thrift queen too! I have a "thrifty" blog--I also linked up too!

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Super cute looks! I had a lot of thrifted items in my WIWW post too! Don't you love a good bargain :o)

Stephanie said...

Cute looks I love how thrifty you are, I wish I could walk into the thrift store and look that put together!

Denissa said...

SO cute! I love the leg warmers w/ the boots!! I want to try that this Fall :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, love yours! I am a mommy to boys also!

Lisa Anderson said...

You are the thrifting queen for sure! Each outfit is well put together and adorable on you! Great to see such cute outfits on a little budget. They inspire me to thrift!

New follower :)