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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what i wore.... on the bright side.

I was in a bright colorful mood this day. Green jeans Anthro, AE polka dot cardigan thrifted, pink belt TJ Max, tank underneath thrifted, Frye boots Zappos, adorable camera bag (NEW, birthday present) Jo Totes (online store) Stella and Dot gold necklace, watch Fossil TJ Max.

Tank dress made by MOI!!! That's ME!! Can you tell how proud I am of it? It was the first dress I have ever made! Here is my tutorial, it was actually very easy: How to make a lovely tank dress

Wedges Maurieces, necklace F21.

Have a blessed week everyone!!


pleated poppy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to make a lovely tank dress

This was such a fun and easy project! Here is how I did it:

 I bought 2 yards of fabric. Then I wrapped it around  my waist one and a half times and cut the excess.

Fold the fabric in half, you will have a long strip and you can even use the fold on the bottom for your hem, like a bubble hem. 

Sew two rows on the open edge of the fabric. This will be for the elastic so make sure you allow enough space for the elastic to fit through.

Next you will attach a safety pin on your elastic and pull it through the rows you just sewed.

 It will start to bunch up like this. Sew the elastic when you attach your fabric together. Sew the fabric together inside out this will make the skirt. 

I did hem mine because I am short. Otherwise, like I said above you can leave it like a bubble skirt.

Now you will have a skirt! 

Don't worry about the rough edges on the top the sash will cover them.

Using the leftover fabric you will make a sash. I didn't measure but it was about 4-5 inches across.
Sew the fabric inside out  and then hem the edges.

Next I tried on the dress and the tank top and made sure to place it where I wanted. I pinned it while I was wearing it (really carefully).

Then sew the tank top to the skirt and cut off the excess top material

You could attach the sash to the dress but I am happy just to tie it around the dress.

This was the first dress I have ever made! 

I have to say I quite proud of myself!


Bringing Beauty

Momma Go Round

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Size XL to Small~How I altered a thrifted Anthro Top!

I found this top at Goodwill with Anthropologie tags attached! The only problem? Size XL! So I dusted off the sewing machine and I made some modifications, and it fits PERFECTLY!

I pinned the sides about 3 inches in and 4 inches on the bottom hem. 

Then I cut the excess fabric. This only took me 15 min to pin and sew!

I really love the abstract print! The price on the tag was around $70! I bought it for $3! I cant wait to pair it with my mustard yellow jeans!

Friday, March 16, 2012

what i wore.... for the love of coral...

Polka Dot cardigan F21, black tank thrifted, coral jeans Old Navy, boots Steve Madden Macys, Stella and Dot accessories, necklace Lisa Leonard "family crest necklace", watch Fossil gift from the Hubby.

I have been looking for some coral pants for a while. I found some cute ones online but I couldn't rationalize spending $150+ on them.  Then one quick trip to Old Navy I see these beauties for only $25. I LOVE THEM! I can see many outfits in the future with my new coral pants! 

I am sorry for only one pic, but it has been rainy here and I have been rocking my Pink yoga pants, hoodies and rain boots all week.... not really ground breaking fashion.. not like I am THAT fashionable anyway ; )
I have some very exciting things to share with you, my wonderful followers!!
I dont know if you noticed, but, I reached
100 followers! WOW! I am like in total shock that 100 people like to see my little projects, recipes, rambblings, my clothes, thrifty finds and pictures of my family. Crazy! I have some fantastic giveaways in the works..... so stay tuned.... Also, have you seen my new custom header my sweet brother made me? It has two birds in the nest to represent The Boys! It's so perfect!


I hope you all have a blessed week. 

Momma Go Round

pleated poppy

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what i wore....and the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Velvet jacket Aeropostal thrifted, stripped top Old Navy thrifted, mustard jeans Ross, boots local boutique brand?, hat Roxy thrifted, jewelry Stella and Dot.

Shirt Target, skirt F21 thrifted, leggings thrifted, belt Gap thrifted, boots Frye Zappos, earrings Stella and Dot. This is the thrifted skirt showed in my previous post, link in the next pic. 

I really loved this outfit. Jacket Romeo and Juliet Couture thrifted, tunic Matty M thrifted, leggings thrifted, boots Steve Madden Macys, earrings Stella and Dot. This is the jacket I showed you all in my last post here:http://nicole-blissfullyblessed.blogspot.com/2012/03/this-weeks-thrift-haul.html

This outfit is thrifted from head to toe! Fedora Billlabong, top Velvet, jean jacket American Eagle, linen pants Banana, sandals Jessica Simpson, and handmade beaded necklace.

After a dozen red lipsticks I found this one from Maybelline, Red Revival. The perfect shade of red so pretty! I am wearing it in my second picture.

Have a blessed week!!

pleated poppy


Momma Go Round

Friday, March 2, 2012

This Weeks Thrift Haul

I really scored this week at my favorite thrift stores. 

Here is my fabulous thrifted haul.

Vintage suade jacket. It's so cute on! Only $3!

Romeo and Juliet Couture leather jacket $14! LOVE! 

BCBG silk ruffled top $3. The color is so pretty.

Forever 21 skirt $3. I love the fabric! It's almost vintage looking. I am wearing this on my "what i wore" post next week.

Banana Republic striped dress, $14. That is kind of pricey for thrift store standards but I couldn't resist the stripes! Plus I will be able to style it a ton of different ways.

Leopard silk and burberry pattern scarfs $1 for both.

I hope you all have a great weekend!