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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what i wore.... why i post pictures of what i wear.

I post pictures of what I wear not because it is important or I am a fashionista (obviously not!), it is because simply when I dress better, I feel better. I know as mommies of little ones, or just busy women, we often put ourselves and our looks on the back burner. We make sure our kids are groomed before school and our hubby looks handsome for work. It's so easy just to throw disheveled hair into a pony and remain in yoga pants all day (don't get me wrong there are times when that is certainly acceptable.) But, I find when I spend time putting together an outfit, and doing my hair and makeup it makes me feel like I am a priority too. Like I am important. And just because I am only going to the doctor and the grocery store doesn't mean I cant look my best for the ones I love. I think the hubby likes the fact that I like to look pretty for him. Of course he thinks I am pretty with no makeup and in yoga pants, but I know he appreciates the extra effort. 

Also, those times I am looking into my closet and I am thinking I have nothing to wear, I can go through my blog archives and remember outfits I liked from past posts. So, that is why I pose like a weird-o in front of my house while my 9 year old takes pictures of me.

I stepped up my game this week and really tried to put some interesting outfits together.

I hope you like them!

Sweater Antho, lace dress Maurces (store in Idaho), belt Anthro, tights F21, booties Dr Scholls Macys.

I Love this belt I got from Anthro!

I wanted to wear something a little out of my comfort zone and so this outfit came to be. I really ended up loving it!
Top F21, shorts F21 thrifted, belt F21, tights thrifted, boots Steve Madden Macys, watch TJ Maxx, jewelry Stella and Dot.

Top and sweater (Anthropologie) via a local consignment shop, black jeans F21, boots Steve Madden Macys, watch Fossil gift,  jewelry S and D.

Top Maureces, pleather jacket F21, jeans Abercrombie, shoes Lucky, jewelry S and D.

Happy Wednesday! 

Have a blessed week!

Momma Go Round

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monday mingle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entry Way Makeover

I found this wall accent at Target the other day and it inspired me to makeover my entry way. Plus you all know I cant pass up some more cute little birds for my house. However, the space is only three feet by three feet so I really couldn't do a whole lot with it. But I found using some new paint, hooks and wall art can make a big impact.

I painted it a gray'ish blue'ish color to give it some interest.

The Hubs installed some hooks (also from Target)  for backpacks, scarves, purses, etc.....very functional when you are living in a small space. 

I could have attempted to paint this mural myself but, I really like the ease of pealing off stickers. Plus I can change the decor very easily when I get tired of it (which I often do!).

what i wore.... spring'in into spring with a maxi skirt...

We have been having a wonderful spring like week 70's and sunny, so I whipped out my (newish) maxi skirt I got from the GW (Goodwill). I love it when you are looking for a specific thing (like a maxi skirt) at the thrift store and you actually FIND it! I like to joke that the thrift store gods are smiling upon me when such things happen. 

Kevin snapped this shot as I see the neighbor open their door, filled with total embarrassment I retreat with a red face and all.

Jean jacket super old, Im talking before texting was popular old! Top thrifted, maxi skirt thrifted, belt thrifted, flop flops Macys, watch gift, jewelry Stella and Dot of course! This the the most comfortable outfit ever, comparable to pj's even!
Have a blessed rest of the week everyone!


pleated poppy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feasting with friends and family and my new baby!

My in-law's threw an amazing dinner party last weekend. Pots full of steaming seafood, wine for at least 50 (and there were 12 of us), My Hubbie's creme brulee, friends, family.......  needless to say it was a yummy evening!

Do you see anything different about my pictures? 

Look what I got!!!!!

My new baby!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Deacon's 6th Birthday!

I cant believe my baby is 6 years old! Deacon's name means helper and he truly has a willingness to help. I treasure the memories of him helping me in the kitchen cooking or cleaning. He has always had a wonderful smile that could light up a room. I love you Deacon!

Happy Birthday To You!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what i wore.... keeping it casual.

Sorry I don't have any super cute outfits to show you this week. I have been in a casual mood lately, thats just a nicer way of saying I have been lazy : P. I didn't even bother doing my hair, I just threw it up in a messy bun most the week. But at least I have my cute Toms flats to show you and a super score from Goodwill.

This outfit is thrifted from head to toe. The jeans are Hudsons too!!! Yeah, retail on these babies will set you back about $185! I bought mine for $3, super score!! I love you Goodwill!  Necklace Stella and Dot, earrings Cost Plus.

Top Gap thrifted, belt Lucky, jeans COH Macys, flats Toms, watch gift, coral bracelets Hawaii, necklace Stella and Dot.

Toms has flats now!!!! LOVE these!!

Top Macys, pants Joes Anthro, boots local boutique sale, accessories Stella and Dot.

Happy Wednesday! Have a blessed week!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Creating Perfect Eyebrows

Use a small comb and brush eyebrow hair upwards.

Trim any long pieces with mustache scissors. Any small sharp scissors will do.

Pluck strays one at a time. DONT OVER PLUCK!

I have very thin and light eyebrows. Here they are totally nude.

Fill in brows with a brow pencil that matches your natural brow color. I use one from Mac. Use light short strokes. This creates a natural looking brow. We have all seen drawn on brows that look almost clownish. That is not the look we are going for at all!

Next, fill in with a brow powder. Use a flat soft brush. I use Maybelline brow powder and my brush is from Bare Essentuals. This really makes your brows look finished.

Your brow should end diagonal with your eye. Like this.

Your arch should start in the center of your iris. Like this.

All done.
 Natural and lovely and not a bit clownish!