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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Creating Perfect Eyebrows

Use a small comb and brush eyebrow hair upwards.

Trim any long pieces with mustache scissors. Any small sharp scissors will do.

Pluck strays one at a time. DONT OVER PLUCK!

I have very thin and light eyebrows. Here they are totally nude.

Fill in brows with a brow pencil that matches your natural brow color. I use one from Mac. Use light short strokes. This creates a natural looking brow. We have all seen drawn on brows that look almost clownish. That is not the look we are going for at all!

Next, fill in with a brow powder. Use a flat soft brush. I use Maybelline brow powder and my brush is from Bare Essentuals. This really makes your brows look finished.

Your brow should end diagonal with your eye. Like this.

Your arch should start in the center of your iris. Like this.

All done.
 Natural and lovely and not a bit clownish!

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Melissa said...

Final picture looks great, thanks for the tips!