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Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY warm avocado and coconut deep conditioning mask

This mask is amazing!

 You can whip it up in minutes. 

My hairstylist even commented on how shiny and soft my hair is! 

half an avocado

one egg

one Tbls. honey

two Tbls. coconut oil

I threw this concoction onto the blender till smooth, however you could certainly mix and mash it by hand.

Microwave till just warm. About 30 seconds in mine. 

Apply to dry hair and massage into scalp. Wrap into a bun. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, the longer the better!

Shampoo and condition as you regularly would.

I will never by deep conditioner again!!

Enjoy your shiny healthy locks!

Blessings, Nicole

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Stephi rogue said...

You can use homemade hair masks about once a week or every two weeks with things like eggs, mayo, olive oil, banana, avocado, coconut or almond oil. And I would recommend that you get online a product called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil because that stuff is so amazing on frizzy hair. It’s not oily and it doesn't make your hair greasy, you just pump a bit out and comb it through your hair, it works really well and it smells good too.