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Friday, December 30, 2011

Rocking leg-warmers!

My sister put in a special request on how to wear leg-warmers. They seem to be really trendy this winter but I have always had a love for them. What can I say I am an 80's child. 

Remember my DIY cashmere leg-warmers post? I am wearing those here.

Here is how I rock my leg warmers.

Skinny jeans and lace up boots.
Just got these boots at GW (Goodwill) for $8 today!! I have been wanting lace up boots forever! Aren't they cute?

Booties and leggings.
I like to keep in the same color palate as the booties because I am not that brave with fashion!  

And my personal favorite, with tall boots and tucked in skinny pants.
I aways go with skinny pants when I wear boots to avoid bunching at the knees.

I hope that was helpful.

Now rock those leg-warmers like an 80's rock star!



Fox and Sparrows said...

oh my gosh your lace up boots are fantastic!! I have been looking for ones like that in my size and my price range and have yet to stumble across them.

Carley said...

Thanks for the post! I would have never thought of booties, I guess that means I need to go buy some. Also, I bought a pair of leg warmers with 3 buttons on the top outside of each one it was a really cute look maybe you would want to try with your DIY cashmere ones!

Susan said...

They all look great! I especially like the pic with the booties, I never thought of wearing them with ankle height boots! Happy New Year!! :)