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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A few things you should know about preteen boys

As I think about my my preteen years I am filled with anxiety. It's a scary road filled with unwanted body hair, odor, acne and one very unwelcome monthly guest. 

I took puberty hard! 

But I am now parenting a preteen boy and it is a different road into manhood. 

A road of pride and discovery.

So here is a few things you should know about preteen boys.

Body hair

Body hair is like brush strokes of paint on a beautiful piece of art. I can remember the very day the first chest hair was discovered. It was barely visible even inches away, with only a slight tint of brown. But it was magical and for days there was a shirtless preteen strutting his stuff around the house. 
Every hair is one step closer to a beard reminiscent of Duck Dynasty.


The first few pimples start to appear. My fear was that this might cause a lack in self confidence but I was quite wrong! Acne is like patriotically waiving the puberty flag while chanting, "I'm becoming a man right now,SEE!"  Because you simply can't go out in public shirtless to show off your ONE chest hair. Let me rephrase that....I would not LET him.

Body Odor

Let's just face it, odor (of any kind) for boys is like stand up comedy.
 It can entertain and impress all at the same time.

Body odor will come swiftly and with no warning. I remember the very night. Driving home from basketball practice, it hit me like a truck....No really, I nearly blacked out and ran into a truck! It will be one of the most (putrid) memorable smells of your life. But your preteen boy will wear it like a brand new cologne. 
Cologne De Puberte' anyone?

Eating and Sleeping

Eating and sleeping will become your preteen's new recreational sport and keeping a steady supply of food will become yours. Hello grocery store clerk. Why, yes I was just here yesterday and you might also see me again tomorrow.

Some mornings you might check in on your preteen just to see if they are breathing. Just like when they overslept as infants.

 Sleeping till noon will cause rapid hunger, so be prepared to throw some food at them upon waking. Muffins work well for this because they are soft and fluffy.

Parenting a preteen boy is never dull. Sometimes it's hard and other times easy. But it always helps to laugh along the way!

Blessings, Nicole

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Heather Braoudakis said...

Thank you for your post, Nicole. That's great! We are fast approaching preteen/tween/middle school years and are already seeing some of the signs. Remembering what it was like to be in this challenging season, we've been equipping ourselves to at least have a better understanding of what to expect with our son. I'd like to make a recommendation to all those preteen parents out there, if I may. We've been reading a great new book that we are really excited about, so I just have to share. It's called "MiddleSchool: The Inside Story- What Kids Tell Us, But Don't Tell You," by Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna. It has interviews and feedback from middle schoolers, parents and teachers (and a little humor) to help us deal with faith, purity, puberty, communication, independence, discipline and accountability, tackling social media, technology, Internet, gaming, and deepening and strengthening positive, loving relationship. It's so rich in valuable help as we face these transitional years with our kids. I think everyone with a middle schooler or who will have a middle schooler will benefit from it. I highly recommend it! http://www.tyndale.com/Middle-School-The-Inside-Story/9781589977778#.U8R_Gl4Q7wI