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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Thrift Store Treasure

"Hi my name is Nicole and I am a thrift store addict."
    Okay, now that I have that out of the way. I have turned my love of all things thrifted into a little business. I am what is known as a "professional consigner" and I sell used, quality, and most importantly super cute clothing to consignment stores. I have been doing it for a few years now. Of course I pick up things for my family and myself. We spend less money and are better dressed than most people I know. But most importantly its really fun. Here is the treasure I found today at Goodwill (20% off women's clothes on Wed). An absolutely beautiful dress (I know its hard to tell with my professional iPhone photography!) sold at Anthropologie. You cant see it well, but it has the most precious velvet band around the empire waist. The retail price would be around $150-$200. And I scored this beauty for about $5!! I bet you can guess what I will be wearing for holiday parties.

     I also found some button up shirts and slacks for the Boys. One of which still had the tag from The Childrens Place on it. They will be perfect for holiday photos and activities. About $7 for all (less than the retail price of the Childrens Place shirt!!).

     So here is my advise for finding your own thrift store treasures. Find out if the store has a discount day. Like as I said above, at that specific Goodwill they had a 20% off all women's clothing on Wednesday. Try to shop on that day. Don't go into a thrift store in a hurry, you will need to time to "dig" for your treasures. Don't expect to find something fabulous every time you shop. I often stop by a few stores in one day and may not find one thing. Other days I may find a plethora of treasures. Its also a good idea to learn brand names and fabric quality. At most thrift stores everything is priced the same. The top from Target is the same price as the top from Bloomingdales. You can score really top quality clothing for a huge discount this way. Most of all just have fun and enjoy yourself!!


Tanya said...

I haven't thrift shopped in a while. You are making me want to start up again!

Debra said...

Your dress is adorable, bring it up for a night out to dinner, good job on the bargains, I love your blog :)