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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Un-extreme Couponing.

Have you all seen that show Extreme Couponing yet? I love that show, however it is completely not a reality. I like using coupons and I have saved a ton of money using them but I don't need 100 bottles hot sauce or 50 TV dinners. And I wont spend 5 hours at the register bitting my nails. If you are saving a ton of money buying things you don't need then you really aren't saving money at all and that is a reality.
I was in Walgreens last night and I noticed some clearance makeup. I wrote down what was on sale and I went home an gathered up the according coupons I had.  I went back today and picked up the items I would actually USE. Here is what I got.

3 Cover Girl concealers and 1 L'oreal lip gloss. Retail price for all the items was $36.96. Want to know what I paid (drum roll)?


If you want to coupon but don't really know where to start. Just remember Clearance+coupons= Savings! That makes couponing a no brainer for us un-extreme couponers. And before you know it you will be telling your friends how you saved $33 in makeup too. 

And one more thing. I have had lots of saving success using Safeway's website to load coupons into my club card. It is super easy and you don't need to bring a stack of coupons with you to the store. They also have personalized prices called Just For U, I have actually gotten free items through the Just For U program. My last shopping trip I got free cookie dough and a free box of Raisin Bran. 

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