"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So very blessed!

Sorry for my absence here. The past few months have been very worrisome and stressful, to say the least, and blogging has taken a back seat. It all started with a phone call. 

The Boys and I were visiting my family in Idaho. We stayed in the lake cabin my mom manages. We were lucky there was an opening during the summer season. A few days in to my trip I received a message from my mother in law. It was short and I could hear she was upset. I called her back and she told me to hold on and to talk to Kevin. I could hear the beeping of a heart monitor in the back round, never a comforting sound. Kevin tells me he had passed out on a job site and may have had a seizure. He was not injured, thank God. But he was in the emergency room.

I was so far away. I wanted to be sitting with him in the hospital at that very moment (and thats saying allot since I hate hospitals!). The doctors ran the necessary tests and the results were normal, however the doctor had to comply with state law and he suspended Kevin's drivers license till he was evaluated by a neurologist. 

The rest of my trip was a blur, I could only keep worrying about my husband. It was such a relief to see him at the airport. 

One week later I get another phone call from Kevin's boss that he has had another seizure at work and was on his way to the hospital by ambulance. I was certainly glad I was in the same state this time. I quickly drove to the hospital. He was once again uninjured. Praise God! They started him on anti-seizure meds and later sent him home. My worry hit high gear at this point. Did he have epilepsy? Was it brain cancer or a brain tumor? What about Kevin's job? Why is he having these seizures?

I watched him like a hawk. If I left him alone (which was rarely) I called or text to make sure he was okay. I am sure I was driving him nuts. School starts. I am super busy driving the kids and Kevin around for work. Yes, I am now the family taxi cab. I feel like most my day is spent in the car. I try to not complain and have a good attitude, but I was wearing thin. I certainly spent much of my time in prayer. 

After a few weeks we were finally able to see the neurologist and he ordered some more tests. A few more weeks have passed. We finally get the results. His MRI was good but his EGG (a brain wave scan) was very abnormal. The doctor wanted to see us in person to talk it over (which is never a good sign). 

The neurologist tells us that Kevin does infact have epilepsy and probably has had it most his life. However with the proper care and medication he will be able resume driving and live a normal life. Praise God! After a few more weeks we got the news from the DMV that he can drive. 

Kevin getting the EGG.
It reminds me of an alien science experiment.

I am finally catching up on everything I neglected over the past few months. My worry and stress is finally going away. Well, I still worry (about Kevin having another seizure) sometimes, but I am learning to pray in those moments and trust that God is taking care of him. After all how much has he taken care of him already? He was safe and uninjured during both seizures. Kevin doesn't have a brain tumor or cancer.  Since I don't work myself I was able to drive him to and from work every day and Kevin's boss was so supportive. We had so many prayers from friends and family. Thank you all!

We are so very blessed!

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Object of Maya*ffection said...

THANK GOD he will be able to resume life as he has known it. Good luck to you both! He is in my prayers!