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Friday, March 4, 2011

Coupons Are Cool!

I like a good bargain, which if you read my blog you already know. In the past I always threw away coupons, until my sister taught me to use them. Then I started to save money, get stuff for free or even make money! Now I frequently check coupon blogs and sales it really makes coupon shopping a no brainer. It takes some extra time to plan your attack, but I think its fun and WORTH it. 

Here is todays shopping trip. This one was not as good as I have done in the past but, I had taken a break from coupon clipping for a while and this was my first one in a month or so. 

I simply matched my coupons to items on sale and use my extra care bucks at CVS. Here is what I got.

2 packages of trail mix
2 boxes of Kashi bars
1 bottle of Dawn
Crest 2 hour Whitestrips
2 Febreze air fesheners
1 Gilette razor
1 package of Bounce dryer bars
1 Crest toothpaste

For the price of the Crest Whitestrips I got all this. You could say I payed for the Whitestrips and got the rest for free! I am not going to break it down too much and bore you. But here are some cool numbers, the razor was $0.99, the Dawn dish soap $0.25, and Kashi bars $1.50 a box. The Crest toothpaste I actually earned $1, by using a $1 off coupon and earning extra care bucks for buying it. Then I asked the cashier to use the extra care bucks on my next transaction (which I did in the same shopping trip) and I used them to buy the Whitestrips. 

In total I saved over $50!! 

Here are some great coupon sites that will keep you informed of deals and teach you to coupon better, www.hip2save.com and www.thefrugalfind.com

Get clipping because coupons are cool!

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Christine said...

This is amazing! I really need to take the time and do this..I waste way to much money that I do not have. I need to take a class from you! =O)