"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Blog Mission Statement

I promise to share with you almost every crafty, creative or fun idea that pops into my head. I feel if I don't get them out a part of my soul is dying. It sounds strange, but its completely true. I have always been that way. I must be creative, it's what I do, it's how I survive.

I promise to make my blog have a fun side with humor and fun giveaways for you all to enjoy. I want you to be able to take a time out from your day and have a laugh with me. We all need that, right?

I vow to share with you what's on my heart. I will pray for God to give me the words so I can reach whomever He wants me to touch. I would love to know that my hardships or joys will inspire someone else. I want to show you all my light and let it shine bright for the all world to see.

I am not a writer and I didn't go to a real college. Lets's just say I went to the college of motherhood. So please bear with my poor grammar, I mean well.

Also I am a newbie, no one taught me how to blog. I am learning as I go. I started out taking iPhone pictures for goodness sake. I am okay with my little Canon Power Shot now. Would I want a big fancy camera? YEAH, duh! Maybe someday when I am a grown up blogger. ; ) And when I can afford it of course. I am blown away that some people can actually have a career in blogging. Crazy, I am totally jealous!

My blog is a little piece of my heart, a little piece of my life that I am throwing out into the public for all to see. At times I feel vulnerable and even dorky. But here I am sharing my passions and my life story. I hope you all enjoy it!

I love your comments! Let me know what you like to read on my blog. Tell me your opinions and suggestions. Feel free to share your wisdom with me if you have been blogging for a while. I would really like that.

Thank you to all my followers! 
Every time I get a new one I do a happy dance! No joke, I do!

I appreciate you guys!




Debra said...

I am so proud of you I love your mission statement!

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