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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to perfectly apply lipstick (a tutorial)

Okay, so you all know from my last  "what i wore," post I am totally obsessed with lipstick now. Never trying any other kind then the one I own from Bare Esscentuals. I went to visit my friend who happens to work at Mac (lucky!) and she not only helped me pick out the perfect shade of wine colored lipstick she also showed me how to properly apply it. So I thought I would share. : ) Keep in mind I am not expert, I didn't even know how to apply lipstick before this for gosh sake!

I slather my lips in Aquaphor.

Then I exfoliate them with a towel.

This stuff is amazing by the way.
Then I apply this primer that softens and fills in any cracks in my lips.

Then I line both my lips and fill in the ENTIRE lip with lip liner.
I never knew this before, I helps the color not bleed and helps your lipstick last longer too.

Next, apply your color.
I used Mac burgundy lip liner, Mac Prep+Prime, and Mac Amplified Dark Side.

I think the secret to wearing dark or bright lipstick is to go easy on the eye makeup.
 I am just wearing liner and mascara.

Dont forget to check your teeth. Lipstick on teeth......not cute!

All done!


Susan said...

Those dark shades of lipstick look so good on you, especially against your skin color and blonde hair. I use aquaphor all the time on my lips, especially before bed! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, this shade looks amazing on you! Thanks for the lipstick lesson, I've never heard of using Aquaphor on your lips before!