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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Birthday Recap

Here is a little recap of my birthday weekend!
First my hubby made me brunch then I got a mani pedi.
In the afternoon we saw Oz and finished the night at a local habachi grill.

When you are bored chopsticks are the cure!

Our chef had mad skills! 

There was some seriously yummy grub going on.
I got the steak and lobster..... Oooooh so delish!

I totally didn't share...... hey, it was MY birthday after all!

I can always get a picture out of them when it's goofy!
I'll take what I can get.

Oh, and I requested absolutely no one would tell our waiter that it was my birthday. 
Leave it to Caleb to spill the beans! Thanks son!
 But I did get a good dessert out of the deal. The red face was worth it.

Can't forget to show off my mani pedi from my sweet husband!
Yeah, he's kind of great.

Fun Spring colors!

It was a wonderful way to spend my last birthday in my 20's (cringe)!

Blessings, Nicole

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Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

awww happy birthday Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com