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Sunday, June 12, 2011

DIY Jewelry Holder

I have always had big plans for this adorable frame when I scored it at the thrift store. 

You will need a wood frame, chicken wire, knobs, wire cutters, twine, finishing nails, hammer and a hot glue gun. Who is that sneaking into the picture? 

Miss Bella. Isn't she cute!

Cut wire to fit the frame and secure with finishing nails.

It will look like this.

Next, attach the knobs with hot glue gun. I glued them evenly spaced on the bottom of the frame.

Glue twine on the back side of frame. Use plenty of glue, it needs to be able to hold up the weight of the frame and reinforce with nails. Learned that one the hard way!

I cut my twine in half and tied a bow for some extra cuteness. Here is what it looks like when you are all finished.

Jewelry can be beautiful art too!
The Shabby Nest
Happy crafting!


Eryssa Rose said...

This is so cute and such a good idea. i might have to make this my own

Jen P. said...

I am doing this project! Such a great idea and I so badly need to declutter my jewelry. Where can you get a little bit of chicken wire?

Nicole said...

Jen- I can bring you some when we get the kids together, otherwise you could always ask the feed store if they have any scraps.

Jen P. said...

I have already started this project and have found the center material not chicken wire but it will work...I think. I hope you will stop buy, the boys keep asking me to invite people over to play, they miss school a little and it would be fun to see all the boys have a good time. Just call me we are home most of the time. And I would love to show you when I get my project complete. Thank you for all your great ideas!

Nicole said...

Wow, sounds great! We will get together for sure.