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Monday, May 9, 2011

coupons without clipping

I have come across a pretty cool site and I wanted to share it with you all. It's called www.couponchief.com and it is a serious way to save some money on online purchases. You can actually make money on this site and even donate to you favorite charity. All just by shopping! And if you are a follower of my blog, or my husband, you know shopping and saving money is a huge hobby for me. 

couponchief makes it easy to use coupon codes at your favorite stores like Target or Old Navy. You can simply search for a store and it will give you all available codes. With only one click of your mouse you can copy the code and open the site, which is super convenient. You can also rate how that particular code worked for you. I am kind of bummed out I didn't hear of this site sooner. I just purchased some beauty items from Sephora and I found a ton of codes for "free samples with purchase" and "15% OFF any order." And I paid full price! I know strange for me, right? Oh well....

So how do you make money? You can upload coupon codes you find and you receive 2% of sales when someone uses that code. You can get a check via Paypal. How cool is that? I am really excited to try it! 

And of course I am always trying to think of ways to give more. You can sign up and donate to a cause of your choice. Simply shop, save money with coupon codes, and 20% will be donated to your cause! It is a win win!

I really think couponchief is a very unique coupon site with a ton to offer. I found it really easy to use and really fun.

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Debra said...

Great review Nicole you have conviced me I need to sign up!