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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Necklace Tutorial

I got this idea from littlemissmomma.blogspot.com. If you LOVE blogs like I do you got to check out this one. She is as cute as a button and has some really cute ideas too. BTW my camera is in for repair so I have to use my iPhone, so please forgive the poor picture quality.

Here is what you will need, felt, cotton (tee shirt) fabric, glue gun and glue, chain and scissors.

Cut out 5 round pieces out of felt. They do not need to be perfect either.

Then stack the fabric and cut like a million rounds the same size as your felt rounds.

Put a drop of glue in the center of your round and pinch like this.

Do about a million. And I am totally addicted to Hansen's cherry vanilla soda, so YUM.

Then glue your pinched rounds on your felt round till it looks like this.

Line them up on your felt like this.

Start by glueing the middle one the when you get to the last one glue on the chain.  The chain should be glued between the felt and your flower.

Then cut around your flowers. And the back should look like this.

Wha La! Whatcha think? I am in love!

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