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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeding The Mini Men, Healthy Snack Ideas!

If I had $1 every time I heard "I'm hungry!" I would have more money than Donald Trump. 

Here are some healthy snack ideas for hungry mini men (or women)!

Toast: with butter cinnamon and sugar, nutella, peanut butter, butter and honey.

Fruit: with peanut butter or Nutella to dip it in.

"Real" Popcorn (I like to make it on the stove) with butter.

Crackers : with Cheese, lunch meat, or peanut butter.

Fresh cut up veggies with ranch dip.

Tortilla: with peanut butter and honey, Nutella,  or melted cheese.

Bird in a nest (make a hole in the bread add an egg and fry in a greased skillet) That is in case you don.t know what a bird in a nest is. 

Can you tell we are obsessed with peanut butter and Nutella?

I usually make a snack after school. After that only fruit is available till dinner time. This is only fruit that doest need to be prepped. Like bananas, apples, oranges etc... My kids would eat eat till they blew up. And I don't mean threw up, I mean like literally explode!!! 


Bon appetite!

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