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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabulous Thrift Store Finds

Here are a few of my most recent thrifted treasures to share with you all....

Polka dot infinity scarf, $3. Precious.

Grey suade Sechelles pumps, $5. Lovely.

Anthopologie top!!! In my size!! Yes please!! $4. Gorgeous!

Yes ANOTHER Anthro top!! Oh lucky girl am I! I am in love with the rosettes on the sleeve. $4.

Another bird to add to the collection. $1.

A Le Creuset cast iron pan, $2! I cant believe I found this baby! Between the finding Antho tops and this pan in only one week, I might consider playing the lottery.

A sweet little bird cage to add to my bird fetish...... I mean collection.. ;)

You lovely folks find any fabulous thrift store goodies recently? 

Please do tell!!!!


Carly said...

Love the polka dot scarf, the rosette top, and the bird! Whenever I see a post like this, I say I have to go back to Goodwill - they might have gotten something new (even though I was just there a few days ago). Thrifting is so fun! One question: I am just learning about Anthro - what brands do they carry?

Anonymous said...

LOVE PINK pan!!!!! is it from dig? Say NO lol

Lisa said...

What great thrift finds! I especially love the black and white top and that cute little birdie.

NewlyLoved said...

Ah I love your thrifted finds... Fabulous


Melissa said...

You scored big time! How fun, I think thrifting is the funest thing around, well except for dumpster diving! LOL!