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Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Curls For The Hair Challenged

I know this method is very familiar and seen on Pinterest other blogs, but this is my version that works best for my hair.  I have half wavy half straight hair..... yeah, Im super lucky like that (can you sense my sarcasm?). So I need to blow my hair straight or curl it to look presentable. But I am super lazy when it comes to my hair and really hair challenged... so this is the easiest way to style my hair and it will last me a couple days.

Here are the products I use.

Garnier Wonder Waves for a soft hold, John Freida Blond hair spray to hold the dry curls, and Garnier Sleek Finish for softness and shine.

I start with 80-90% dry hair, so just slightly damp. In a rush I can blow dry it to this point but on lazy days I prefer to let it air dry.

I spray the Wonder Waves all over and brush through. 

Then part your hair how you like.

Position elastic headband on the top of your head like so. 

Having a little poof on top is good for more volume.

Next you wrap a one to two inch section around the headband depending how big you want the curls, the bigger the section the bigger the curl.

You will repeat this till you reach the center back of your head then start on the other side.

Tuck in the remaining back strands the best you can.

I leave my bangs out and tuck behind my ear.

No need for perfection here. But this is what it looks like.

You can blow it dry in a pinch but I usually resume household chores for about and hour and let it air dry.

If you have very straight hair or your hair doesn't hold a curl well you may want to keep your hair in the headband all night. I tired that once and I looked like Shirley Temple and not in a cute way.

After its mostly dry I give it some heat with my blowdryer and then I give it the cool setting till completely or mostly dry.

This step really locks in the curl.

Warning goofy faces to come!

Its not going to look neat after the blowdryer!

Carefully remove the headband.

Its gonna need some lov'in now. 

Gently loosen the curls with your fingers and smooth out.

Looking much better already!

Spray with hair spray and lastly give it some shine with Sleek Finish.


The next day I use dry shampoo on my roots and curl any strands that rebelled over night, giving me another day of pretty hair.

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Susan said...

Wow, your hair looks great! I have tried the headband curls before with mixed results. I think that I need to use more product in it like you did. I also am so severely hair challenged.....lol! I will have to keep working with this method because me and the curling iron just don't get along! :)

Nicole said...

Thank you. :) The products help a ton and giving it that shot of heat and cool setting with the blow dryer really makes the difference I think.