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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recovery Up-date

A card from Caleb.
I love that Mr. Tumor has a mustache and resembles a taco.

Hey people! I'm alive!

My surgery last week had some complications however, I've been home since Wednesday. The phrase, "no place like home" is my mantra right now. Being home is not just being in your house but being with your family. 

My surgery ended up taking 6 hours instead of the estimated 2-3, because one of the doctors knicked my rectum in two places. That just sounds gross, does't it? Says, the girl that posted a picture of a tampon in her nose. 
Of course I had no clue, till I woke up. But it should heal just fine on it's own. 

They were able to do my hysterectomy laparoscopically. Which was fantastic! 
I only have three small incisions on my belly.

Mr.Tumor was not the size of a grapefruit but a cantelope! I can't believe he was that big! Know wonder I was so uncomfortable I was carring a melon in my tummy. Crazy!

My pain is well controlled with medication and oh, my goodness! There is tons of medication! My mom has been an awesome nurse. She sets my alarm and lables my pills. I'm going to be lost without her! 

Kevin has been awesome and helps me with everything.

I'm so grateful for all you who prayed for me! 

Im grateful for the hosptial visits, cards, balloons, flowers, meals......everything!


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Ter'e said...

Bless your little heart! I am going to add a comment here.
When the Dr. says 12 lbs......do not poopoo it. Listen to him/her!!!!! 12 lbs. That's it.

Hope you are feeling loads better. Just rest and go easy on those pain pills!

Gentle hugs,