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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Necklace Tutorial #2

Maybe one of these days Geek Squad will fix my camera and I will have some decent pictures for you all. Thank you for bearing with me in the mean time.

I drew a flower pattern on paper and I used that as my template. I cut two pieces of fabric for each flower. I used a thick cotton and sateen fabric in similar colors. The I sewed them together with beads in the center. I did a large flower and two small ones.

I cut a round piece of fabric to glue the flower on.

Then I glued the flowers on starting with the large size.

I worked on this for quite some time last night and I felt it lacked..... well, cuteness.

So I cut off the clasp and added a cream ribbon. Then I hot glued felt on the back of the flowers and glued on some "bling" buttons. I actually found these beautiful buttons on a shirt at the Goodwill.

I think I hit the cuteness mark.
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